World War II Veteran Honored

Col. Stephen Trigg Compatriot Jim Johnson recently made a trip to the west coast to visit his father, Bruce Demont Johnson for his 98th birthday celebration.  While there, he honored his father with the chapter’s Veterans Appreciation Medal and Certificate.

Bruce Johnson SAR Award

Mr. Johnson is a veteran of World War II.  During his incredible military career, he served both as an enlisted soldier and commissioned officer.  His highest enlisted rank was that of First Sergeant.  His highest commissioned rank was that of First Lieutenant.

During World War II, he led men under his command in three amphibious assaults upon Japanese-held islands.  These included the battles for Makin Atoll, Saipan, and Okinawa.

Dads Pacific Campaigns

We salute this brave Patriot and thank him humbly for his service to the United States of America!

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