Christmas in Col. Trigg Country

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Bob Sholly, President of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter, has installed our annual display for the Cadiz “Festival of Lights” in the city park. It is part of a drive-through display where residents can enjoy displays provided by the various businesses, clubs, and organizations in our county. Our display has been a “favorite” of the locals for years. Now, thanks to a brand-new George Washington painting by Kentucky artist Kat Sholly (Bob’s sweet wife), it will be even better than ever! Drive down to Cadiz, Kentucky, and check it out!

World War II Veteran Honored

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Col. Stephen Trigg Compatriot Jim Johnson recently made a trip to the west coast to visit his father, Bruce Demont Johnson for his 98th birthday celebration.  While there, he honored his father with the chapter’s Veterans Appreciation Medal and Certificate.

Bruce Johnson SAR Award

Mr. Johnson is a veteran of World War II.  During his incredible military career, he served both as an enlisted soldier and commissioned officer.  His highest enlisted rank was that of First Sergeant.  His highest commissioned rank was that of First Lieutenant.

During World War II, he led men under his command in three amphibious assaults upon Japanese-held islands.  These included the battles for Makin Atoll, Saipan, and Okinawa.

Dads Pacific Campaigns

We salute this brave Patriot and thank him humbly for his service to the United States of America!

Runner-Up Kentucky Poster Contest

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Chapter President Bob Sholly and Vice-President Jim Johnson visited Southwest Elementary near Murray, Kentucky, today to recognize a very special young man.

5th-grader Tommy Gomez received his second place award in the state-wide Elementary Poster Contest.  In addition to a certificate from the Kentucky Society, he also received a monetary award of $100.


The Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter is proud of its four-year partnership with the Southwest Elementary.  Skylar Nunley is the new 5th grade Social Studies teacher.  He continued the cooperative effort begun by former teacher Andy Davenport.

George Washington’s Birthday

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Compatriots of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter held their annual George Washington’s Birthday commemoration today.  They presented Pam Metts, Director of the John L. Street Library in Cadiz, with yet another title for its “George Washington Library.”  This year, the chapter purchased a copy of Brian Kilmeade’s, George Washington’s Secret Six (Young Readers Adaptation).

GW Library

In addition to the annual book presentation, the chapter also enjoys a “display partnership” with the library.  Mrs. Metts allows the SAR to place a George Washington display near the library’s front entrance throughout the entire week of George Washington’s Birthday.


Baggett Opens Lecture Series in Logan County

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Kentucky SAR President and Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter member Geoff Baggett helped compatriots of the Col. Benjamin Logan Chapter launch a new spring lecture series in Russellville on January 10.  Pres. Baggett shared a lecture on Western Kentucky’s only know Revolutionary War site, Fort Jefferson in Ballard County.  The event was well attended, with over sixty learners present.  Baggett provided his talk following the presentation of colors by the Col. Benjamin Logan Color Guard.  Afterwards he sold and signed copies of is Rev War period novels and books.

baggett lec

Mallory Honors Veterans

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Col. Stephen Trigg President Steve Mallory recently honored two of his “in-laws” during his journey home from Valley Forge.  He and wife, Debbie, made a stop in Maryland to visit with family.  While there, Steven presented our chapter’s Veteran’s Appreciation Medal and Certificate to Melvin Howard, U.S. Army (left) and James LeFave, U.S. Air Force (r).  Both gentlemen are husbands of Debbie’s first cousins.

Steve Medals

Compatriots Install Mallory Headstone

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Four Compatriots from the Kentucky Society ‘invaded” Tennessee on Tuesday to install a memorial headstone for Sgt. William Mallory of the 3rd Virginia Regiment.


(l to r) Geoff Baggett, Steve Mallory, Jim Mallory, David Mallory

William Mallory lived out his final days on his farm in rural Wilson County, Tennessee.  His exact burial site has been lost to time.  However, SAR Compatriot and descendant Jim Mallory recently succeeded in securing a Veteran’s Administration Memorial Headstone in his memory.  He, along with Steve Mallory and David Mallory, also descended from William Mallory, secured a location for the stone on the Talley Cemetery, a very old cemetery that borders the property of William Mallory.  Indeed, if the Patriot soldier is buried in an organized cemetery, rather than a simple family plot, in all likelihood he rests within the borders of this particular graveyard.

Aided by Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter member and Kentucky State President Geoff Baggett, on Tuesday the Mallory descendants installed the headstone on a preselected spot in the oldest part of the Talley Cemetery.  Jim Mallory led the engineering on the project, while the other men provided the “muscle.”

Here are close-ups of the lovely stone.  The SAR logo is displayed prominently on the back of the headstone.


Compatriots from Tennessee and Kentucky are planning to hold a Patriot Grave marking Ceremony at the site on Sunday, August 12, at 4:00 PM.

A Token of Our Appreciation

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Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter President Steve Mallory made a trip to Princeton, Kentucky, today to offer the heartfelt thanks of the chapter to Luke Carneyhan of West Kentucky Memorials.  Luke and his crew produced the granite headstones for our “Lost Patriots” monument that we dedicated last weekend.  In addition, he donated one stone … the dedication stone … free of charge.  It was a generous gift, indeed.  In return, Steve presented a Certificate of Appreciation.

Luke and his company have been producing SAR Patriot stones for the chapter for several years now.  Their work is superb, and they are truly great supporters of our chapter.

IMG_0566 copy

Pictured (l to r). Bruce Harper, Steve Mallory, Luke Carneyhan and Brad Moore

One Amazing Veteran!

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Bernard Rubien enlisted in the U.S Army Air Corps in September, 1940.  One year later, he was stationed at one of the army’s most exotic locations … Oahu, Hawaii.  He was an enlisted man assigned to Hickam Army Airfield at Pearl Harbor.  Two months later, he was awakened from a lazy Sunday morning’s sleep by the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor.

Thankfully, he survived that attack and went on to a stellar career in the Army Air Corps, which later became the U.S. Air Force.  He served in both World War II and the Korean War, retiring as a Lt. Colonel in 1966.

Here is an amazing photo of his service decorations, complete with a photo from his youth.

Screenshot_20180305-212947 copy

Bernard is now 99 years old, and living in California.  Today, thanks to Col. Stephen Trigg Compatriot Glenn Greenfield, he proudly received the chapter’s Veteran’s Appreciation Medal.

Just look at that smile!


Huzzah!  And thank you for your service, Col. Rubien!

2018 “Lost Patriots” Headstone Monument Dedication Ceremony

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Our chapter had the honor to host the Kentucky SAR state meeting.  Our own Geoff Baggett was sworn in as the new president of the Kentucky SAR.  After the state SAR meeting we held a Lost Patriot Headstone Monument Dedication Ceremony where we honored patriots of the Revolution that were buried in Trigg County but whose graves have become lost over time.  Here are some pictures of the event.  For full coverage please visit our Facebook page Colonel Trigg Chapter SAR