Revolutionary War Patriots Buried in Trigg County

The Col Stephen Trigg Chapter has recently started a new project to identify all Patriot Soldiers who died and were buried in Trigg County, Kentucky.

Below, you will find our starting point … a potential list of Patriots buried here.  We know, for a fact, that some of these men rest here in our county.  Others will require some investigation.  If you have ANY INFORMATION on any of these patriots:  documents, pictures, burial locations … please leave a comment or contact the webmaster.

Revolutionary War Veterans Potentially Buried in Trigg County, Kentucky

Armstrong, William / Buck’s County PA Militia / D: aft 01 Feb 1832

Battoe, Peter / Pvt. – Lee’s Legion / D:  07 Dec 1833

Cohoon, Joel /  Pvt. – NC Militia  /  D:  1835

Joel Cohoon Stone

Curtis, Russell – North Carolina Militia

Russell Curtis Stone

Davenport, William / VA – Cont. Line  /  D:  22 Apr 1819/20

Thomas Dawson / VA – 1st St. Regiment / D. 1829

Ederington, James / Pvt. – SC Militia / D:  Unknown

Ezell, Balaam  /  VA Militia / D: 1844

Balaam Ezell

Fontaine, Joseph / VA – Patriotic Service (1746-1815)


Futrell, Nathan / Drummer  /  D:

Gore, Eleazor  /  SC – Cont. Rangers    /  D:  TBD

Grasty, John   /  SC Militia  /  D:  17 Nov 1833

Hollowell, Miles   /  PVT – NC Militia   /  D:  6 Feb 1843

Miles Hollowell Marker

Humphries, Absalom  /  PVT – SC Militia  /  D: 09 Dec 1834

Absalom Humphries' Restored Stone

Humphries, Thomas  / Capt.  Virginia / D: 25 Jul 1827

Thomas Humphries' New VA Headstone and SAR Patriot Marker

Johnson, William  / NC Militia  /  D:  TBD

Johnson, Randolph  /  SC – Cont. Line   /  D:  1846

Kennedy, Charles  /  Pvt – VA Militia  /  D:  23 Jul 1834


Larkins, Roger   /  NC Militia  /  D:  Unknown

Lindsey, James / Sgt. – VA – Cont. Line / B: 1758   D: aft 14 Feb 1838

Mabry, John, Sr.  /  Pvt. NC – Cont. Line  /  D:  7 Apr 1845

John Mabry, Sr. Grave

Smith, Philip  /  VA Militia  /  D:  TBD

Thomas, James, Jr.  – North Carolina Continental Line


Wall, Jesse / NC – Patriotic Service / 1737 – Nov. 12, 1812

Jesse Wall's Restored Stone and SAR Patriot Marker

Woosley, Thomas  /  VA – Cont. Line   /  D:  12 May 1856

Young, William   /  SC Militia  /  D:  19 Sep 1826

11 Responses to “Revolutionary War Patriots Buried in Trigg County”

  1. John Humphries Says:

    Absolom Humphries, Thomas Humphries, and Jesse Wall are buried in the Humphries Cemetary on Humphries Road in Trigg County. All three were Revolutionary War Veterans from South Carolina.

    • John, we’ve been on site recently looking for the graves. We located Absalom with no problems. As far as we can tell, there is no marker for Thomas. Therefore, we would need to begin the process of having a VA marker made and shipped to us to place there. (As a descendant / next-of-kin you can be very helpful with that!) We just recently discovered that Jesse Wall is there, so we didn’t look for a stone. It might take a little hunting. We would like to hold a ceremony and mark all three graves in the coming days (with a stone and SAP Patriot Marker, or just the SAR Marker if a stone is already there.) The main problem is that the cemetery is pretty overgrown. It’s going to take a little clean-up first. Maybe we can get that ball rolling! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  2. Julia Mortenson Says:

    I am interested in having Thomas Dawson’s grave marked. He is buried in back of the house he built in 1816 on what is now called Gary Cemetery Road. If the current owners of the house will not allow the marker, it could possibly be placed in front of the house in what is called the “Gary Cemetery”. Thomas was very instrumental in the formation of Trigg County and is listed on a Historical Marker. He served almost 6 years during the Revolutionary War! His wife was Mary Ann Clay, daughter of Henry and Rachel Povall Clay. I am also a direct descendant of John Ramey and I’m sorry I didn’t know about his grave marking ceremony.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Julia, there is a plan in the works. The current owner kind of has the road blocked off. I’ve seen the Gary Cemetery. If it’s the one I’m thinking of (beside the road to the house), it’s overgrown. We have actually anticipated including a marker for him along with several other Patriots buried in unknown locations in a central location in Trigg County at some point in the future. We envision a couple of rows, comprised of ten stones for “lost grave” Patriots. It will take some time and fundraising, though. Unfortunately, we cannot get a VA stone for any of these men because we cannot prove the final disposition / location of their bodies for the VA. Would love more input from you and other descendants.

      I’m sorry you missed the Ramey event. We tried to publicize it as best we could through local press and family word-of-mouth. There were a lot of descendants present.

  3. Jane Van Hooser Says:

    Joseph Fontaine’s wife Mary (Goode) was also a patriot. When you plan to mark Joseph’s grave, I hope you will mark her grave. They are my 5th Great Grandparents. Jane Van Hooser

  4. Patricia Morey Says:

    Do you know where the grave of James Adams Lindsey Sr. is buried?
    He died July – 1835 in Trigg Co.
    His wife Delilah Hodgson died in Chatham Co. NC. 1810.
    James was a member of the Church of Christ for 30 yrs.
    He was wounded at the battle of Cowpens.
    Not sure if his rank. Maybe PVT,
    He was my Grandfather on my Dad’s Mother’s side.
    Thx u, Mrs. Patty Morey

  5. Rhonda De Alvarado Says:

    where is William Davenport buried in Trigg County?

  6. Kay Wallace Sloan Says:

    Thomas Howard of Trigg County Kentucky was also a Revolutionary War Soldier. He was buried in the Simmons Cemetery. He received pay for his service.

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