2016 Poster Contest Champion!

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The Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter is pleased to announce that our 2016 NSSAR Elementary Poster Contest Winner is Ethan Knight of the Southwest Calloway Elementary School!


Ethan completed his beautiful poster in the Kentucky 2016 theme of “Daniel Boone.”  He received an SAR Certificate, the Bronze Student Citizenship Medal, a copy of Geoff Baggett’s student novel, Little Warrior and a handsome cash award.  Ethan’s poster will be forwarded to the Kentucky Society to compete against submissions from other chapters to vie for the state championship and award.

Photos of the three homeroom winners are below.  They received their certificates and awards on the annual visit by Compatriots from the chapter who were making presentations on the American Revolution to all three homerooms.


Living History at Lone Oak Middle

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Chapter President Geoff Baggett spent the day on Tuesday with the 8th graders of the Lone Oak Middle School in Paducah.  He presented his Revolutionary War in a Trunk program six times to ten total classes, reaching almost 250 students with instruction on the Revolutionary War in a single day.


Baggett’s presentations, sponsored by the Kentucky Humanities Council, were the culmination of the 8th grade Social Studies unit on the Revolutionary War.  In addition, the reading department at Lone Oak Middle purchased 120 copies (three class sets) of his youth book, Little Hornet, and incorporated the book and its companion study guide into their reading curriculum this fall.  All 250 students are currently reading and studying the Revolutionary War novel in their Reading classes.  The students seemed to enjoy meeting the actual author of their current study book.


For info on bringing a presentation to your school, email Geoff or contact the Kentucky Humanities Council.


Veteran’s Day in Tennessee!

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Three Compatriots from the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter traveled southward on Friday to join the Tennessee State Color Guard in marking two Patriot graves in the Antioch community.  Geoff Baggett, Steve Mallory, and Bob Sholly represented the Kentucky Society at the back-to-back events.

The first ceremony was in honor of Pvt. Isaac Johnson of the North Carolina Continental Line.  Geoff played the regimental drum for the color guard and presented a wreath from the Kentucky Society.  Steve and Bob presented the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter wreath and fired in the gun salute.15000844_10153997665286156_3333407350815068688_o.jpg


The second ceremony, held in a small, private cemetery in the heart of a bustling business district, was in honor of Edward Collinsworth of the 1st Virginia Regiment.  Once again, Geoff played the regimental drum for the color guard and presented a wreath from the Kentucky Society.  Steve and Bob presented the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter wreath and fired in the gun salute.




Tennessee Grave Marking

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Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter Vice-President Steve Mallory represented the chapter and the Kentucky Society at the grave marking of Patriot James Franklin on the afternoon of Sunday, October 23.  Steve proudly carried the Kentucky flag in the color guard, presented the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter wreath, and fired in the gun salute.


Cpl. James Franklin was born in Maryland in 1755.  He served in Lord Dunmore’s War and in the American Revolution from 1776 until 1779.  He relocated to the area that would later become middle Tennessee in 1780.  His family, along with sixty-nine other households, settled the wilderness and defended their stations and forts against relentless native attacks.  They became known in Tennessee as “The Immortal 70.”  Each family received 640 acres of land for their service in opening up the territory in Tennessee.

The Gen. Jethro Sumner Chapter DAR coordinated the event in conjunction with the Tennessee SAR.


Grave Marking on Saturday!

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The Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution is pleased to announce the upcoming Patriot Grave Marking Ceremony in honor of Roger Larkins, a Revolutionary War Patriot of the North Carolina Militia. The men of the SAR are working in partnership with the descendants of Roger Larkins to honor this Patriot at 2:00 PM on Saturday, September 24.

This will be a unique and unusual ceremony for our community. Roger Larkins was a long-time resident of Trigg County in the early 1800’s and even served in the “Second War of American Independence,” the War of 1812, in the Kentucky Militia. Unfortunately, the exact whereabouts of his death and burial site are unknown. Because the location of his grave has been lost to time, the family was unable to receive a grave marker from the Veteran’s Administration. But the family persevered in their quest to honor their ancestor and raised the funds on their own to provide a marker in his honor. They have chosen to place his marker in the cemetery that bears his name, the Larkins Cemetery, on P’Pool Road just a few miles north of Cadiz. Several of his children and many of his descendants are buried there.

Saturday’s Patriot Grave Marking Ceremony will feature SAR Compatriots in Revolutionary War uniforms, a multi-flag color guard, a casket flag folding ceremony, a biographical tribute to the Patriot, and a flintlock musket and rifle salute. Attendees will also receive a very special treat at this grave marking event. Compatriots from Tennessee are bringing a replica cannon from the Revolutionary War and will fire the artillery weapon as a salute to the Patriot.


On the Front Page!

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The Col. Stephen Trigg made the front page of the Cadiz Record today with a full-color photo!  Images of the story are below …



Col. Stephen Trigg At The Top!

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It’s ALWAYS good to see the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter leading the way in the SAR!  The 2015 Americanism and President’s Cup totals are out.  Our chapter is at the top of the list.

We were unable to receive the Liberty Bell or President General’s Cup awards this year because of status as recipients last year.  Instead, we received “Honorable Mention.”  But, suffice it to say, that 25,403 Americanism points is the highest in 2015!

Click on the image below to see all results.