Travis McCloud

Travis McCloud is a design engineer for a manufacturing company in Cadiz.

His Patriot Ancestor:

Leonard Bowers – Private – 6th Maryland Regiment of the Continental Line

Major Engagements:

  • Monmouth, New Jersey
  • Camden, South Carolina
  • Cowpens, South Carolina
  • Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina

Leonard Bowers was born in the fall of 1760.  He was a resident of Hagerstown, Maryland when he enlisted in the spring of 1778  in the 6th Maryland Regiment for a commitment of three years under Colonel Otto H. Williams.  Shortly after enlistment he was marched to Valley Forge, where Washington had held his infamous winter encampment during the previous winter.  The unit was rapidly marched to Monmouth, New Jersey, where Bowers fought in the Battle of Monmouth on June 228, 1778.  After that battle, his unit was marched to White Plains, New York, then later to Basking, New Jersey, where they entered into winter quarters.

The unit remained in the New York-New Jersey region throughout 1779 with no significant engagements.  They entered winter quarters near Morristown, New Jersey, during the winter of 1779-80.  In the spring of 1780 the regiment was marched to Trenton, then to Burlington, New Jersey, where the men were placed on ships and taken down the Delaware River, past Philadelphia, to Middletown, Delaware.  The regiment marched overland through Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina until they were encamped just twelve miles from Camden, South Carolina, when they joined the army of General Horatio Gates and engaged the British in the Battle of Camden on August 16, 1780.  The Patriot forces lost this battle, and Pvt. Bowers was captured by the British, but soon liberated by Patriot forces.  He rejoined his unit and remained along the border of North and South Carolina.

General Nathaniel Green assumed command of the American forces on December 2, 1780.  Shortly after, Bowers’ regiment engaged in the Battle of Cowpens on January 17, 1781, and soundly defeated the British.  Afterward, his regiment marched through Morganton and Salisbury, North Carolina, to Guilford Courthouse, where they entered Bowers’ final battle on March 15, 1781.  He was discharged and returned home shortly after that battle.

After the war he married Rebecca Nave on August 2, 1785.  The couple settled in the mountains of East Tennessee.  Bowers died there on October 5, 1840.


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