Steve Mallory

Steve Mallory

Steve Mallory

Steve is the Vice-President of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter.  He is one of our most active members, and regularly exercises his skills in the shop to lead in our building, craft, and construction projects.

Medals Awarded

  • 125th Anniversary George Washington Medal (2014)
  • Patriot Grave Marking Medal (2014)
    • Patriot Grave Marking Medal Second Award – Oak Leaf Cluster (2015)
    • Patriot Grave Marking Medal Third Award – Oak Leaf Cluster (2015)
  • Bronze (Chapter) Roger Sherman Medal (2014)
  • Chapter Distinguished Service Medal (2014)
  • Silver (State) Roger Sherman Medal (2015)
  • Kentucky Congress Medal (2015)
  • Bronze Color Guard Medal (2015)
  • Service to Veterans Medal (2015)
  • Isaac Shelby Kentucky Centurion Medal (2015)
  • Meritorious Service Medal (2016) – Awarded by the Kentucky Society
    • Meritorious Service Medal (2017) – Second Award by Kentucky Society

Other Awards

  • Colonel’s Muster Award (2014) – For the year’s top five chapter Color Guard participants.
  • Chapter Grave Marking Service Award (2014) – For participation in the most Patriot Grave Marking Ceremonies.
  • Certificate of Appreciation – Humphries Cemetery Work (2015)
  • Col. Stephen Trigg Color Guardsman of the Year (2015)

His patriot ancestors:

1st Sgt. William Mallory, Sr. –  3rd Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line
William Mallory, Sr., was born Jan. 1, 1753, in Louisa County, Virginia.  He enlisted at the Louisa County Courthouse for two years in the 3rd Virginia Regiment under the command of Colonel Mercer.  He fought in the battle of Trenton and later marched through Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, some time in detachment and at other times with the main Army under General Washington.  As stated in his pension application, he frequently saw General Washington.  He was discharged at Valley Forge in February, 1778.  Some time after 1816, he moved from Virginia to Wilson County, Tennessee where he died on Jan. 3, 1839 and was buried there.  He received a pension of $120 per annum beginning on March 4th, 1831, for his service.
Pvt. John Hunt – Rowan County Regiment Militia – North Carolina
John Hunt was born ca 1750 in New Jersey to Daniel and Susannah Greene Hunt.  The family relocated to Rowan County, North Carolina before the Revolutionary War.  He married his first cousin, Charity Hunt, around 1773.  During the war he served several tours with the Rowan County Regiment of Militia starting in 1776.  Though he did not serve in any major engagements. he was involved in a significant skirmish at Colson’s Mill, North Carolina, on July 21, 1780.  After the war he led his family west to claim new lands in Kentucky.  The Hunt clan arrived in Muhlenberg County in 1806 and established the Hunt Settlement.  John and Charity hunt raised ten children.  He later received a pension for $20 a year for his Revolutionary War service.  He is buried in the Old Hebron Cemetery in Muhlenberg County.
John Hunt Tombstone

John Hunt Tombstone

Compatriot Steve Mallory is planning to submit supplemental application for these two additional Patriots:

Pvt. John Harper – 1st Pennsylvania Regiment

Pvt. David Engler – New Jersey Militia

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