Stan Todd

Stan Todd

Stan Todd

His Ancestor: Peter Todd – Rowan County, North Carolina Militia

Peter Todd was born June 23, 1756, in South Carolina.  He married Hannah (last name unknown) in Rowan County, North Carolina, around 1779.

In 1776 he served on a Campaign as a volunteer in the militia from Rowan County, North Carolina, against the Cherokee Indians.  His captain was Robert Moore.  His other officers were Myrick Davis, Lieutenant and Joseph Cunningham, Ensign.  General (Griffith) Rutherford was the expedition commander.  The regiment entered the Indian (Cherokee)  country, burning their towns and destroying their corn and possessions. The duration of this campaign was six months.

He was drafted for a second tour in the Militia from Rowan County, again under Captain Moore.   The regiment marched to Cross Creek and other locations in action against the Tory militias for approximately three months.  This tour was in late 1780 through early 1781.

Peter Todd moved his family to Madison County, Kentucky, in 1795.  He applied for his Revolutionary War service pension there on August 15, 1832, and was awarded a pension on March 4, 1834, retroactive to November 5, 1832, for the sum of $26.66 per year for eight months of militia service.

He died in Madison County in April, 1840, and is buried in the Blue Grass Memorial Cemetery in Madison County.

Stan Todd Pension Summary

Stan Todd Pension Summary

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