Robert Ward


Robert, Miles, Ryon, & L.J. Ward
Caldwell County, Kentucky

Ancestor: Squire Boone

SQUIRE BOONE {Samuel^; Squire*; George^), born 13 Oct., 1760, in South Carolina; died 28 June, 1817, in Todd Co., Ky. Married 1 Sept. 1784, in Fayette Co., Ky., AnnaGrubbs (b. 23 June, 1776; died 26 Aug., 1843), daughter of William and Susanna (Hearne) Grubbs.

Squire Boone was born in South Carolina, whither his parents had moved to avoid the depredations of the Indians on the western borders of North Carolina, where they had formerly lived. There is no further record of Squire up to the time of his enlistment from the Camden District of South Carolina, on the Congaree River, in 1777.

His Revolutionary record is as follows: From the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C. W. F. 8—372, Rev. War, Squire Boone.

He enlisted June or July, 1777, 3 mo., as Sgt. under Capt. John Cook; Col. Robt. Goodwin, South Carolina. He enlisted June or July, 1779 for three months as Sgt. under Captains John McChord or Robert McGowan; Col. John Russell. From 1780 to 1783 he served in Kentucky under Captain William Hays, and was frequently engaged against Indians in the defense of the frontier. He also served under General George Rogers Clark in his expeditions against the Piqua towns, and was seriously injured in the Battle of Blue Licks. The record also states that the pensioner was a son of Samuel Boone and a nephew of Daniel, and gives considerable data concerning his wife and children. In the fall of 1779 he moved with his father’s family to Kentucky, and settled at Bryan’s Station, Here he continued to serve in frontier Indian warfare until the time of his marriage.

A biographical sketch of his son, Dr. Levi Day Boone of Chicago, says that the marriage of Squire and Anna Boone occurred under circumstances characteristic of that romantic period. Kentucky at that time consisted of only two counties, eastern and western, divided by the Kentucky River. As there was no magistrate in the western county to administer the marriage vow, the couple crossed to the east bank of the river, and there, standing under the shade of a large tree, a magistrate pronounced them one. As the book in which this account appears was compiled during the lifetime of Dr. Levi Day Boone, and probably met with his approval, the above incident can be given slightly more credence than the average tradition.

Squire Boone became a Baptist preacher, having been baptized in that faith at Lower Howard’s Creek, Ky., sometime between 1785 and 1787. He lived for a time at Lexington, where his son Levi was born in 1808, and later removed to Todd County, near the present town of Elkton, where he located on a farm and built the home in which he lived until his death. He never fully recovered from the wound he received at the battle of Blue Licks, and it is said that the bullet he had received in the hip remained there during the rest of his life.

Anna (Grubbs) Boone, the wife of Squire, went to Kentucky with her parents about 1775. She was a sister of Higgason Grubbs who was prominent in the early history of Madison Co., Ky. Her obituary was written by her son Higgason G. Boone, and reads, in part, as follows:—

“Died in Todd Co., Ky., on Saturday the 26th day of August, 1843, Mrs. Anna Boone, in the 78th year of her age; in full hope of a glorious immortality, having lived the life of a consistent Christian for more than fifty years. In the early settlement of Kentucky she was married to Squire Boone, on the 18th day of September, 1784, on the bank of Kentucky River at the mouth of Boone’s Creek, Fayette Co., Ky., and shortly after was baptised by Elder Redding or Crag (the minister is not certain which), and continued a consistent member of the Baptist Church until the day of her death. She was the mother of fifteen children, many of whom yet five, together with a numerous train of grandchildren.”—H. G. B., Elkton, Ky., Oct. 18, 1843.

Children:— (All born in Ky.) (Dates from pension record and family Bible)

  • Thonxas Boone, b. 24 Dec, 1785.
  • Susan Boone, b. 28 Jan., 1787.
  • Lucy Boone, b. 15 Oct., 1792.
  • Cynthia Ann Boone, b. 11 May, 1795.
  • Samuel Boone, b. 2 Sept., 1797.
  • Squire Boone, b 2 Sept., 1797; d. 6 July, 1836; m. Emily New. No children.
  • Ira Boone, b. 17 Dec, 1799.
  • Isaiah Boone, b. 7 Mar., 1802.
  • Diadama Boone, b. 11 Aug., 1804; d. 14 Sept., 1824, unm.
  • Higgason Grubbs Boone, b. 8 Oct., 1806.
  • Levi Day Boone, b 8 Dec, 1808.
  • Nancy Boone, b. 24 Dec, 1811 or 1812.
  • Polly Boone, b. 27 Jan., 1814; d. 28 Oct., 1822.
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