Rick Sheets


Rick Sheets is a unique member of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter.  He is one of our growing band of “long distance” members.  Rick is a horn maker and folk artist from Durham, North Carolina, creating beautiful replica powder horns, horn cups, horn books, and other similar similar items.  He adds his beautiful art in the form of scrimshaw on the horns.  He markets his art through his web site and appears at living history events and re-enactments throughout the Carolinas.

Screen shot 2015-10-18 at 8.38.23 PM

Chapter president Geoff Baggett recruited him to the SAR in 2014 when he hired Rick to make him a horn in honor of one of his Patriot ancestors.  Rick had hit a”brick wall” in his ancestry research and Geoff put his genealogy skills to work and broke through the wall, connecting him with a patriot ancestor.

Now Rick is serving as our official “East Coast” branch of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter.  We have provided him with a wreath and name placard that he can present at ceremonies and events in the name of our chapter.  So even thought he’s not here in Kentucky with us, he is still able to connect with and serve the chapter as an active representative!  Someday when he finds a chapter near his area that he connects well with, he can transfer out … or maybe stay on as a dual member.  Meanwhile, we appreciate him for the work that he does and his regular contributions of living history to our chapter!


Medals Awarded:

  • George Washington 125th Anniversary Medal (2015)

Certificate Awards:

  • Living Historian of the Year (2015)


His Ancestor:  David Johnston
Virginia Militia

David Johnston was born in  Ireland around 1726.  He married Nancy Ann “Nannie” Abbott in Culpepper County, Virginia, in 1751.  He relocated his family from the county of Culpeper, Virginia, in 1778, and settled in the New River valley on the plateau between Big Stony Creek and Little Stony Creek, about one mile from the river, at the place now known as the John Phlegar farm in the county of Montgomery (now Giles).

David Johnston served in the war for the state of Virginia. His rank was Private. He served under Capt. Hardy Hills in the command of the infamous Col. George Rogers Clark. He lived in Culpepper County and Montgomery County, Virginia, at the time of his service.

He died in 1786, his wife in 1813, and they were both buried on the Phlegar farm.

Grave of David and Nannie Abbott Johnston

Grave of David and Nannie Abbott Johnston

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