Ken Oakley

Ken Oakley

Ken Oakley – Former Chapter President (2011-2013)

Ken is a retired educator and the founding President of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter.  He remains active in all of the chapter initiatives and events.

Medals Awarded:

  • Bronze (Chapter) Roger Sherman Medal (Jan 2014)
  • 125th Anniversary George Washington Medal (2014)
  • Patriot Grave Marking Medal (2015)

Other Awards:

  • Past President’s Pin (2014)
  • Colonel’s Muster Award (2014) – For the year’s top five chapter Color Guard participants.

His Patriot Ancestor:

Pvt. John Mabry – Soldier – North Carolina Militia

John Mabry volunteered for service in the Franklin County Regiment of the North Carolina Militia in July 1780.  He served under various captains in that regiment, then transferred in August 1781 to Colonel Henry Lee’s Legion for the duration of the war.  His combat involved a skirmish with the British on the Roanoke River and the Battle of Eutaw Springs in South Carolina.  He had relocated to Trigg County, Kentucky, by 1828, and was later awarded a pension for his service on August 29, 1832 in the amount of $80 a year.  He drew that pension until his death on April 7, 1845.  He is buried in the Sugar Jim Mitchell Cemetery off of Reddick Pond Road in Trigg County.

Mabry Stone

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