John Humphries

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Compatriot John Humphries Reads From the Constitution

John Humphries is a resident of Princeton and is an executive at the local electric company.  He originally joined the SAR in the late 1980’s.  His membership went “dormant” for a number of years when he lived in an area without a local chapter.  But he renewed his membership with the launching of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter.  John has been an excellent asset and leader in reaching out to new members in Caldwell County.

Medals Awarded:

  • 10-Year Service Pin (2015)

Certificate Awards:

  • Certificate of Appreciation – Humphries Cemetery Work (2015)
  • Col. Stephen Trigg Service to Veterans Award (2015)

His Patriot Ancestor:

Pvt. Absalom Humphries – South Carolina Militia

Absalom Humphries  was born in South Carolina in August 1760.

He enlisted in the Army of the United States in the year 1781 or 1782. He was under Captain Jacob Barnett, Lieutenant William Barnett & Ensign Samuel Barnett.  His Colonel was Henry Hampton, & commanded by General Sumpter [sic, Thomas Sumter].  He enlisted in the State Troops of South Carolina for 10 or 12 months and served his tour out faithfully.  He was living in Fairfield County at the time of his enlistment. He also served for about 8 or 9 months (not less than 8 months) in the militia,before he entered the regular service. His Captain was named Branton, & his Colonel was also named Bratton (brothers).  He resided in Chester County South Carolina at the time he joined the militia.

While in the militia he was in frequent skirmishes with the Tories. He was in a skirmish in Mobley’s Settlement against a Tory Colonel called Flewquinyan and  a Tory Captain called Nichols. While in the State Troops he was in the battle of Eutaw Springs, where his Ensign, a man named Barnett, was killed. After the Battle of Eutaw Springs he was for a while stationed at Brown’s old fields, near Columbia.  From there he was marched to Orangeburg and had a skirmish with a ToryColonel named Cunningham. He was in a skirmish at the Jupiter Springs with a detachment of the British going from Charleston to Ninety Six.  He also was in a skirmish with the British at the old Church where they were defeated.  He was also in an engagement at Dorchester Bacons Bridge. In the Fall was ordered to Georgia, and joined General Wayne there in December near the two sisters on Savannah River. In January or February following he was in an engagement with the Indians near Savannah Georgia, & defeated them & took their horses & baggage. When his time was out he was marched to Orangeburg and discharged.

Humphries married his wife, Berthuna, in 1791.  He remained in South Carolina for about twelve years after the war, when he moved to Trigg (then Christian) County, Kentucky.  He died December 9, 1833, and is buried in the Humphries Cemetery in Trigg County.

 Absalom Humphries


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