Jerry Burlingame

Jerry Burlingame

Jerry Burlingame

Jerry Burlingame is an equipment engineer for a national company.  He has served as the chapter Color Guard Commander in 2015.  Unfortunately, Jerry had to transfer to another state with his work.  So, until he can retire in five years he is on a temporary sojourn away from the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter.  We eagerly await his return and welcome his service in the coming years as a “long distance member.”

Medals Received

  • Military Service Medal (2014) – United States Navy
  • 125th Anniversary George Washington Medal (2014)

Other Awards

  • Colonel’s Muster Award (2014) – For the year’s top five chapter Color Guard participants.
  • Outstanding Chapter New Member (2014)

His Patriot Ancestor:
Robert Montgomery – Patriotic Service – Voluntown, Connecticut

Robert Montgomery was born January 8, 1740, in Voluntown, Connecticut.  He was a gentleman and a family man in Voluntown.  He and his wife, Hannah, had a large family and many responsibilities at home.  But when called up for militia duty, he was prepared to answer the call.  However, his young son, Josiah, volunteered to serve in his place.  Ultimately, Robert Montgomery made an almost unthinkable contribution to the Patriot cause … he provided his son as a substitute for active service.

Thankfully, Josiah Montgomery survived the war and went on to claim a pension in his later years.  Hannah Montgomery died in Connecticut in 1797.  After her passing, Robert relocated with other members of his family to Shaftsbury, Vermont.  He died there on May 17, 1818.

Robert Montgomery’s daughter, Sarah, married Thomas Burlingame, the son of Nathan Burlingame, who was also a Patriot, having served in the Connecticut Militia.



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