Herbert Segler

Herb Segler Crop

Herb Segler is our oldest and most distinguished Compatriot, and our only member from Christian County.  He is our hero!

Mr. Segler served our country with distinction in the Second World War. He enlisted in the National Guard in Florida in 1937, then transferred to the Regular Army in November 1940. Though a Private in his early days, he was nominated for Officers Candidate School and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in July 1942. He was assigned as a tank platoon leader at Camp Campbell. He married a “local girl” from Christian County, Frances Farmer, on April 3, 1943, then shipped out four days later to the ETO (European Theater of Operations).

Lt. Segler fought across North Africa. He was in the invasion of Sicily, and after the fall of Palermo, his unit was transported to England. His unit, the 2nd Armored (Hell on Wheels), was the first armor on Omaha Beach. His unit fought through the French village of St. Lo and by July 26 had survived several encounters with German SS units in France.

His unit crossed the Seine River and entered into Belgium on September 15, 1944, then moved quickly through the Siegfried Line, crossing the Roer River into Aachen, Germany, and making it all the way to the Rhine River on December 16. When the Germans pushed through at Bastogne (Battle of the Bulge), the 2nd Armored was ordered to relieve the American forces surrounded there. Lt. Segler fought in that battle until Jan. 16, 1945.

The 2nd Armored later moved to the outskirts of Berlin where it took many German prisoners fleeing from the Russians. After the end of hostilities, he was stationed at Berlin until October 1, 1945, when he was pulled out to return home.

Upon returning home he served in the Army Reserve and National Guard. He retired from the Guard as a Major on his 65th birthday … after 44 years of combine active and reserve service.

After his retirement he worked for many years with the Internal Revenue Service and owned his own business. We met him when our chapter awarded him the Bronze Distinguished Service Medal for his amazing service to our country during World War II.

Maj. Herb Segler was inducted into the SAR at the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter’s annual dinner on December 14, 2014.  He passed away after a long illness on December 7, 2015.  It was truly an honor to have him as a member of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter, if only for a short time.

Medals Awarded:

  • Bronze Good Citizenship Medal (2014)
  • War Service Medal with World War II Device (2014)

His Ancestor:  John Payne – Patriotic Service, Virginia

John Payne, Sr., was born in Frederick County, Maryland, around 1734.  Little is known about his life. While living in Virginia he received vouchers for furnishing supplies (beef) for the Continental Army during the war.  His contribution of food to the cause established him as a Patriot, and he is recognized as such by both the DAR and SAR.  He died in Bedford County, Virginia, around 1805.

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