Glenn Greenfield

Glenn Greenfield, Sr.

Glenn Greenfield, Sr.

Awards Received:

  • Patriot Grave Marking Medal (2015)
  • Colonel’s Muster Award (2015)
  • Col. Stephen Trigg Service to Veterans Award (2015)

His Ancestor: Mathias Houx
1st Maryland Battalion of the Flying Camp

Mathias Houx (pronounced “hoo”), Patriot from Maryland, was born in Frederickstown, Maryland, on March 10, 1759. He enlisted July 19, 1776, as a Private in Captain Henry Hardman’s Company, 1st Maryland Battalion of the Flying Camp. His unit was primarily from Frederick County, Maryland.  He was in the Battle for Long Island in August 1776, and the Battle of White Plains in October 1776.  The 1st Batallion was at Fort Washington when Washington’s army was defeated on November 16, 1776. Captain Hardman was captured and not exchanged until June 1778.  Most of the men of the Maryland Flying Camp were captured; although, a few escaped across the river. There are no Muster Rolls for the unit, so the status of Mathias Houx is unknown. It is likely that he was captured with the majority of the men in his unit.

He returned to action at the Battle of Germantown on October 4, 1777, the Battle of Camden on August 16, 1780, the Battle of Guilford Courthouse on March 15, 1781, and the Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill on April 25, 1781. His time of service apparently ended sometime in mid-1781, and he returned home to marry Susannah Morganstern on September 20, 1781. He left Maryland around 1795 for the wilderness of Kentucky, settling in Logan and Todd Counties. Around 1817 he departed Kentucky to settle in Missouri. He died there on October 28, 1831. He is buried there beside his wife in the Mount Vernon Cemetery in the community of Pilot Grove, Cooper County. Unfortunately, though his wife’s tombstone is intact, his tombstone has been broken and lost. Only a stone stump remains.

Susannah and Mathias Houx Burial Plot

Susanah and Mathias Houx Burial Plot

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