Dilly Anderson

Dilly Anderson

Dilly Anderson

His Ancestor:

Pvt. Samuel Wilkes – Virginia Militia

Samuel Wilkes was born October 24, 1764, in Loudon County, Virginia.  His family relocated to Bedford County, Virginia, when he was a child.  In January 1781 he was drafted for a three-month enlistment in the Bedford County Militia.  he marched under Captain John Trigg, Lieutenant William Hudnall, and Ensign Simon Miller to Petersburg – a distance of 150 miles.  From there he was marched to to Cabin Point [in Surry County] and from there to Portsmouth.  From Portsmouth he was marched to Gregory’s Camp in North Carolina where they were stationed a short time and marched back again to Portsmouth and was then marching about the County observing General Benedict Arnold, who was said to be in Long Bridge Fort.  He finally marched back again to North Carolina and back again across the dismal swamp to Prince George Courthouse where he was discharged sometime in April, serving at least three months.

In the fall of the year 1781 he was again drafted for six months from the County of Bedford and rendezvoused at Prince Edward Courthouse and marched from there to Richmond and served under the command of a Capt. Newell. He was later placed under the command of captain John Slaughter and  Lieutenant Nathaniel Rice. He was stationed at Richmond, Virginia, and remained there during the whole enlistment except for about six weeks when he volunteered to aid in carrying a load of coal to
Williamsburg. On his return to Richmond the term of service having expired previously, he found his whole company already discharged.  He was discharged at that time.

On March 4, 1831, he received a pension of $30 per month.  He died on July 1, 1837 in Bedford County and is buried there in an unmarked grave.

Wilkes Page 19


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