Dilly Anderson

Dilly Anderson

Dilly Anderson

His Ancestor:  Samuel Wilkes – Virginia Militia

Samuel Wilkes was born on 24 Oct 1764 at Loudoun Co., VA.

Samuel began military service in the Revolution, 1780 at Bedford County, Virginia. He served as a private in Capt. Trigg’s Company of Col. Merriweather’s Regiment of the Virginia Militia for 9 months. His regiment marched throughout Virginia and North Carolina in search of Gen. Benedict Arnold. In his second enlistment, he served six months beginning fall of 1781, was drafted and sent to Richmond and Williamsburg. He ended military service in March 1782 in Virginia.

After the war he married Elizabeth Newman, daughter of Conrad Newman and Anna Brubeck, who moved to Bedford Co. from Dunmore Co. (now Shenandoah), VA. Samuel’s brother John (Jr.) married Elizabeth’s sister Barbary Newman. We don’t know when Elizabeth died, but she was the mother of all his children, born 1784-1803, and deceased before he remarried 6 Oct 1826 to a maiden lady, Margaret “Peggy” Witt in Bedford County.

Samuel began receiving Revolutionary pension of $30 per annum on March 4, 1831. He died in 1837 and his estate was appraised July 1, 1837 by administrators Henry Wilks (his son) and Thomas Rider in Bedford County.


Samuel Wilkes Pension Summary

Samuel Wilkes Pension Summary


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