Dickie Thomas

Dickie escorting one of the ladies of the DAR on Patriot's Day.

Dickie escorting one of the ladies of the DAR on Patriot’s Day.

Dickie Thomas
Caldwell County, Kentucky
His Ancestor:  William Blackburn, Sgt – 5th Virginia Regiment

William Blackburn was born in Fairfax County, Virginia, 0n February 12, 1757.  While a resident of Fairfax County, enlisted in the army of the United States in the year 1776 with Captain Andrew Russell for one year, and served in the 5 Regiment of the Virginia State line. He served as Second Sergeant in the company of Capt. Andrew Russell. He spent much of this enlistment marching to various locations in Virginia in pursuit of the British and Tories. He received his discharge at the end of this enlistment without being involved in any major engagements.

In 1781, he was still living in the same County of Fairfax and left to explore Western Country. After arriving at Pittsburgh he volunteered for the service and was appointed a sergeant under Captain Briece to guard the public stores from Pittsburgh to the falls of the Ohio (now Louisville, Kentucky). He was commanded by Colo. Zacquil Morgan and Gen. George Rogers Clark. He originally volunteered for two months, but when his enlistment expired, conditions required that he remain on duty. He remained in the service as a militia volunteer for an additional five months.

After the War he lived for several years in Wilkes County, North Carolina. He married Sarah “Sally” Baird some time in the early 1790’s, either in Virginia or North Carolina. He moved westward into Tennessee for several years. He was living in Tennessee in 1799 when he signed a petition to establish Wilson County out of Sumner County.

His wife died around 1826 in Wilson County, Tennessee. He relocated his children to the frontier in Caldwell County, Kentucky, around 1828. He received his pension in the amount of $95.00 per year on March 13, 1833.

The Patriot William Caldwell died on March 13, 1841. He was buried in the Morse Cemetery in the Farmersville community in Caldwell County. William Blackburn was born in Fairfax County, Virginia, on February 12, 1757.


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