Grave Marking Color Guard

Grave Marking Color Guard

The marking of Patriot graves is one of the most noble pursuits of the Sons of the American Revolution.  The Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter endeavors to locate and mark the graves of Patriots buried in and around Trigg County.  We also strive to support other chapters and nearby state societies in their grave marking efforts.

Grave marking may take several forms.

  • If there is no existing tombstone on a Patriot’s grave, we work to secure a stone from the Veteran’s Administration, or finance one privately.  In the event that the exact spot in a cemetery where a Patriot is buried is unknown, we try to place a stone at a logical place in the cemetery.
  • Sometimes the cemetery or final resting place of a Patriot is unknown.  On rare occasions, in order to insure that these patriots are remembered and honored, we will place a tombstone in the cemetery that is the most logical resting place for that Patriot, based upon family history and the presence of immediate relatives.
  • Many times there is already a tombstone in place.  In those cases we bring attention to the Patriot’s Revolutionary War service by placing a granite 4×10 inch foot stone with the SAR Cross Logo and the word, inscribed with the word, “PATRIOT.”  In all cases, except where prohibited by cemetery rules, we will place the “PATRIOT” stone on the Patriot’s grave.

The culmination of the Grave Marking process is an honorable ceremony involving SAR Compatriots, descendants of the Patriot, and the general public.  Ceremonies include a Color Guard with flags, SAR members in Revolutionary War uniform, a flag folding, wreath and flower presentations, and, in most cases, a black powder musket salute.

For more information on future Grave Marking ceremonies sponsored by the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter, please visit this page.

For information and photos from past Grave markings, please visit this page.

For information on other opportunities to participate in and observe Grave Markings throughout our region, please visit this page.

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