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Another School Visit! University Heights Academy in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

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Three Compatriots of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter made yet another school visit this morning in Hopkinsville.  Geoff Baggett and Steve Mallory made the trip over from Cadiz.  Eddie Price drove all the way down from Hawesville … almost two hours away!  The team presented the Revolutionary War in a Trunk presentation to three separate groups in grades 3, 4, and 5.  The students were awesome and so responsive and full of questions!

Click this link to view a complete photo album from the day!

UHA Web.jpg

The Compatriots also too the opportunity to honor their partnering teacher, Tracey Williams, with the Teacher’s Award for Patriotism.  This is a unique award given by the chapter to teachers who partner to bring a living history experience to their school and classrooms.

Teacher Award.jpg

The Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter Speaker’s Bureau is one of the most active in the region.  Compatriots have spoken to forty-three classes since December 1.  They reached over 1,000 students with a hands-on Revolutionary War experience in 2015.

Today’s Page Banner and Story in the Cadiz Record!

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Compatriot and “brand new” Col. Stephen Trigg SAR member Bob Sholly appeared in the headline banner of the Cadiz Record today (in his spiffy new brown & red early Continental uniform) as part of a report of our chapter’s leadership in school presentations throughout the region!  Over 1,000 children have had a “hands-on” living history experience about the Revolutionary War in the past year because of the ongoing work of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter!

Here is the banner and the story:

Screen shot 2016-02-10 at 6.39.53 AM.png

Cadiz Record Story.png

Classrooms Far and Away!

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Chapter President Geoff Baggett took the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter’s message on the road on Friday during a family trip to Memphis, Tennessee.  He accompanied his wife and daughter on a quick trip to visit family.  While there, he took the opportunity to visit the classroom of his wife’s sister.

Christy Harrison teaches fourth grade at the Lakeland Elementary School in Lakeland, Tennessee, a suburb northeast of Memphis.  She invited Geoff to bring his “Revolutionary War in a Trunk” presentation to the six fourth grade classes at her school.

Student Smile.jpg

He spent Friday afternoon making three presentations to the combined classes.  Mrs. Harrison also offered the SAR Elementary Poster Contest as an extra credit project in history.  Thirty of the 150 kids turned in posters following the 2016 Kentucky theme of Daniel Boone.  Following the three presentations, Geoff recognized each of the poster contest participant with a Certificate of Participation.

Poster Participants.jpg

He also recognized class poster winners in the four participating classes with the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter Student Citizenship Medal.  He decorated each medal winner and rendered a Revolutionary War salute.


The Lakeland Elementary School Poster Contest Winner was Pierce Albrecht.  In addition to the medal and certificate, he received a $20 scholarship prize.


Geoff also took the opportunity to thank and honor Mrs. Harrison with the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter’s Teacher’s Award for Patriotism for being an exceptional teacher, willing to bring a living history experience to her students.


Mrs Christy Harrison & Her Brother-in-Law Geoff Baggett

Please visit this link to view a photo album from the afternoon.


Southwest Calloway Elementary Poster Contest

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Three Compatriots of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter traveled to Murray, Kentucky, today to present the “Revolutionary War in a Trunk” presentation to three fifth-grade classes at the Southwest Elementary School.  Steve Mallory and Bob Sholly accompanied Geoff Baggett in leading an energetic, fun-filled living history presentation.

1 Pic

Amazingly, the county superintendent of schools gave permission for our teaching team to bring a flintlock rifle into class to provide a truly authentic historical experience!  Steve was able to show the mechanism and action of a flintlock.  As it turns out, the teacher thought we were going to take everyone outside and fire the rifle!  Everyone was disappointed that they didn’t get to hear the big boom!

So next year, incredibly, we have been invited to demonstrate firing for the students!  Only in common-sense, small town Kentucky.

2 Pic

The Compatriots also gave certificates and medals to the annual poster contest winners, including the School Champion Kerrigan McManus, who received a Citizenship Medal, a book about the Battle of Blue Licks, an embossed certificate, and a $20 cash prize.  In addition, Kerrigan learned that she was the overall poster winner for the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter, and that her poster will represent the chapter in the state competition!  Her chapter victory earned her an additional $50 scholarship check!3 - Pic

Click this link to view a photo album from the school visit.

Rick Sheets Salutes a Patriot Colonel on His Recent Teaching Trip to Virginia

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Col Lynch

“A zealous and active Patriot of the Revolution…”

Quite an amazing statement on the tombstone of Virginia Col. Charles Lynch!

Col. Stephen Trigg “long distance” compatriot and North Carolinian  Rick Sheets took a moment this past week to tip his workman’s cap to Col. Lynch’s stone in the family graveyard at Avoca (known as Green Level in Col. Lynch’s time) in Altavista, Virgina.

Rick was at Avoca to interpret historic horn work for their Colonial School Day (named the “Jane Andrews Student Event Day”). On May 5th, Rick and the other Colonial and Revolutionary War interpreters gave seven individual presentations to the energetic and smart elementary students from the local area. To read more about Avoca, check out their website.

Rick Sheets and His Work Display at Avoca

Rick Sheets and His Work Display at Avoca