Honoring George Washington

The Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter of the Kentucky Society Sons of the American Revolution held a brief but meaningful event on Wednesday, February 22, to mark the 285th anniversary of President George Washington’s Birthday.  Compatriots from the Cadiz chapter gathered at the John L. Street Library to present a book about George Washington to Library Director Pam Metts.  The book that the chapter gifted to the library was Jim Murphy’s, The Crossing, which tells the amazing story of Washington’s Army crossing the Delaware River for its attack on the Hessian mercenaries in Princeton, New Jersey, on Christmas Day in 1776.

This is the second year that Mrs. Metts has generously allowed the chapter to place a “George Washington’s Birthday” display at the library during the month of February.  It is also the second year that the chapter has donated a volume to the library, thus establishing an ongoing partnership for historical education.


(left to right) Mark Lacy, Bob Sholly, Jack Dawson, Library Director Pam Metts, Chapter President Steve Mallory, Jim Johnson, Geoff Baggett

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