Memorial Day in North Carolina!

Rick Sheets, our North Carolina-based compatriot was busy on Saturday, May 28th, 2016 in Durham, NC. He represented our chapter at Bennett Place’s Memorial Day Remembrance: The American Soldier Through the Ages, which was a military timeline of re-enactors wearing the uniforms and bearing arms from every USA war in history.
Rick displayed and interpreted period flintlock arms and powder horns to several hundred visitors on a glorious Saturday.


Later in the day, Rick presented a wreath in memory of Col. Stephen Trigg and in honor of our chapter.



Most importantly, a living hero Staff Sergeant Albertie Wall Jr. (retired US Air Force) was given a Veteran’s Appreciation Medal by our chapter. He was an air policeman attached to the 81st Air Tactical Fighter Wing at the end of World War II.



Andy (Ryan) Reed, his grandson, said a few words about his grandfather and noted his military service. Several re-enactors (many veterans themselves) gave him a rousing “three cheers” at the end of the informal ceremony. There was a mixture of tears and revelry from family and friends.

It cannot be emphasized enough that we need to reach out to our aging WW2 veterans now. GOD BLESS the Greatest Generation!

To learn more about Bennett Place, the site of the largest surrender of the American Civil War, go to

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