Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter “Long Distance” Compatriot Represents at Moore’s Creek Bridge

Rick Sheets of Durham, North Carolina, holds a very interesting “record.”  He is member of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter who lives furthest away from Trigg County … which he’s never even visited!  Rick lives a whopping 650 miles and ten hours away from Cadiz, Kentucky.

So how did he ever become a member of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter and the Kentucky Society?  Well … it’s kind of a long story.

Rick “met” Col. Stephen Trigg President Geoff Baggett online in 2014 through an internet search.  You see, Rick is a folk artist and horner … he make beautiful historic replica powder horns and other items from cow’s horn.  Geoff was in search of an authentic horn for his revolutionary War uniform impression.


Rick with his grandson, Liam.

When they connected the subject of SAR came up, of course, and Geoff asked Rick, “Why aren’t you a member of SAR?”  Rick’s reply was that, thus far in his research, he had never been able to connect to a Patriot ancestor.

So Geoff “got on the case” and applied his genealogy skills, and two days later he found Rick’s ancestor … David Johnston of Virginia.  Amazingly, Johnston served under Gen. George Rogers Clark on the northwest frontier and, no doubt, spent some time in the portion of Virginia now known as Kentucky.  A couple of weeks later Geoff mailed him his completed application, all ready to submit.  Rick elected to go ahead and join the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter and then, perhaps, transfer to a closer chapter in North Carolina … someday.  It was received at National on December 31, 2014, and he was approved a couple of months later.  I

And the rest is, as they say, “history.” It’s been over a year now, and Rick is still a Col. Stephen Trigg member!  So far Rick has stuck with the Trigg County boys (even though he hasn’t met a single one of them).  He is an avid living historian, demonstrating his craft and skills at historic events throughout Virginia and the Carolinas.  And in the process he also represents the SAR with skill and pride.

The chapter has dubbed him Col. Stephen Trigg “East.”  He makes presentations and earns “Americanism Points” on a regular basis for the chapter.  We even provided him with a chapter wreath, just in case he might have the opportunity to present it at any events where he is doing his living history impression.

Well, the stars aligned this past weekend when Rick took part in the annual commemoration weekend of the Battle of Moore’s Creek Bridge at the Moore’s Creek National Battlefield in North Carolina.  The annual SAR commemoration of the event was held on Saturday.  It was a National SAR Color Guard event.  And Rick Sheets … who has never set foot in Trigg County, Kentucky … presented a wreath on behalf of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter of Cadiz, Kentucky. Pretty cool.

Rick Sheets MCB.jpg

Rick with Superintendent Ricardo Perez at the Moore’s Creek Monument After the SAR Ceremony


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