Tomahawk Winner!

Early last year Col. Stephen Trigg Member Steve Mallory crafted a beautiful English pattern tomahawk with a curly maple handle.  He also made a gorgeous display board with antler stands.  The chapter sold $1 raffle tickets for several months to raise money to purchase a travel trailer for all of the chapter’s event property and supplies.

Well, we reached our goal right at the end of the year, so Steve reached into the ticket box and drew the big winner at this week’s monthly chapter meeting.

The Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter is proud to announce that the winner of our 2015-16 “Tomahawk Fundraiser” is Compatriot Jim Wallace of the Long Knives Chapter in southern Illinois!

Jim Wallace.JPG

Jim bought his winning ticket at Ft. Massac, Illinois, last fall when Geoff Baggett, Steve Mallory, and Eddie Price manned a booth at the annual Rendezvous at that historic site.  He received Steve Mallory’s work of art in the mail today and promptly sent us this picture.

Congrats, Jim, and enjoy your prize!

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