Classrooms Far and Away!

Chapter President Geoff Baggett took the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter’s message on the road on Friday during a family trip to Memphis, Tennessee.  He accompanied his wife and daughter on a quick trip to visit family.  While there, he took the opportunity to visit the classroom of his wife’s sister.

Christy Harrison teaches fourth grade at the Lakeland Elementary School in Lakeland, Tennessee, a suburb northeast of Memphis.  She invited Geoff to bring his “Revolutionary War in a Trunk” presentation to the six fourth grade classes at her school.

Student Smile.jpg

He spent Friday afternoon making three presentations to the combined classes.  Mrs. Harrison also offered the SAR Elementary Poster Contest as an extra credit project in history.  Thirty of the 150 kids turned in posters following the 2016 Kentucky theme of Daniel Boone.  Following the three presentations, Geoff recognized each of the poster contest participant with a Certificate of Participation.

Poster Participants.jpg

He also recognized class poster winners in the four participating classes with the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter Student Citizenship Medal.  He decorated each medal winner and rendered a Revolutionary War salute.


The Lakeland Elementary School Poster Contest Winner was Pierce Albrecht.  In addition to the medal and certificate, he received a $20 scholarship prize.


Geoff also took the opportunity to thank and honor Mrs. Harrison with the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter’s Teacher’s Award for Patriotism for being an exceptional teacher, willing to bring a living history experience to her students.


Mrs Christy Harrison & Her Brother-in-Law Geoff Baggett

Please visit this link to view a photo album from the afternoon.


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