World War II Veteran Honored

Compatriot John Humphries of Princeton honored a local World War II veteran in his home today by presenting him with the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter’s Veteran’s Appreciation Medal.

Jack Scott Medal

Jack Scott, age 93, entered the United States Navy in 1942.  He served during the war as a radio operator aboard the destroyer escort USS Pope (DE-134).  After a shakedown cruise off Bermuda, the USS Pope escorted her first convoy eastwards to Casablanca, arriving on 23 September 1943. Subsequently, she escorted two more convoys into to the Mediterranean Sea. She then began work with Task Group TG 22.3, an antisubmarine task group centered on the aircraft carrier USS Guadalcanal (CVE-60). On 9 April 1944, the Pope’s task group sank the U-515 off French Morocco, and on 4 June, she participated in the capture of the German U-boat U-505 west of Cape Blanche. For her part in that action, the USS Pope received the US Presidential Unit Citation. The Pope continued operations with the USS Guadalcanal in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea until the end of the war in the Atlantic and Europe. She assisted in the sinking of the U-boat U-546 on 24 April 1945.

uss pope

We salute this noble US veteran and will be eternally grateful for his sacrificial service on the seas during World War II.

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