Shopping for Veterans!

In November the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter received a sum of $500 as a “grant” from the Kentucky Society SAR for veterans’ causes.  The Pennyroyal Veteran’s Center in Hopkinsville provided a big “wish list” of items needed by the residents at their center so that we had a shopping guide for the $500 gift.

This week chapter president Geoff Baggett, accompanied by his wife, Kim, and daughter, Katie, took the cash to Wal-Mart and attacked the list!  They purchased a basket full of winter coats, gloves, winter caps, umbrellas, socks, underwear, t-shirts, and house slippers.  It was amazing how quickly $500 disappears!

The items are on display for this weekend’s annual dinner.  They will be delivered to PVC early next week,

PVC Christmas Items

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