Southwest Calloway Elementary Poster Contest

Three Compatriots of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter traveled to Murray, Kentucky, today to present the “Revolutionary War in a Trunk” presentation to three fifth-grade classes at the Southwest Elementary School.  Steve Mallory and Bob Sholly accompanied Geoff Baggett in leading an energetic, fun-filled living history presentation.

1 Pic

Amazingly, the county superintendent of schools gave permission for our teaching team to bring a flintlock rifle into class to provide a truly authentic historical experience!  Steve was able to show the mechanism and action of a flintlock.  As it turns out, the teacher thought we were going to take everyone outside and fire the rifle!  Everyone was disappointed that they didn’t get to hear the big boom!

So next year, incredibly, we have been invited to demonstrate firing for the students!  Only in common-sense, small town Kentucky.

2 Pic

The Compatriots also gave certificates and medals to the annual poster contest winners, including the School Champion Kerrigan McManus, who received a Citizenship Medal, a book about the Battle of Blue Licks, an embossed certificate, and a $20 cash prize.  In addition, Kerrigan learned that she was the overall poster winner for the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter, and that her poster will represent the chapter in the state competition!  Her chapter victory earned her an additional $50 scholarship check!3 - Pic

Click this link to view a photo album from the school visit.

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