Ron Drennan Earns Patriot Grave Marking Medal!

Drennan Grave Medal.001-001

Compatriot Ron Drennan has become the sixth member of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter to meet the requirements of the society’s Patriot Grave Marking Medal.  Ron took part in last weekend’s commemoration of the Battle of Blue Licks, earning him credit for five markings at the site of the mass grave of the seventy-seven Kentucky militiamen who died there in 1782.  Those marked graves enabled him to achieve the necessary fifteen required for this prestigious medal.

We have received word that his application has been approved, along with that of Ken Oakley.  They will receive their medals at a public event this fall.

Congratulations, Ron!  And thank you for your service to honor our resting Patriots.

One Response to “Ron Drennan Earns Patriot Grave Marking Medal!”

  1. Way to go Ron…..I’ll earn one someday myself. I enjoyed shooting with you at the Blue Licks event.

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