Pennyroyal Veterans Center Visit Today!

Compatriots Geoff Baggett and Dennis Adams made a quick visit to the PVC in Hopkinsville this afternoon.  They dropped off several large bags of men’s clothing, along with a $100 donation toward the Veterans’ Scholarship Fund.

While there they took the opportunity to honor a couple of veterans …

PVC Apr 30.001-001

Dennis Adams presented our Veteran’s Appreciation Certificate and “Don’t Tread on Me” Gadsden Challenge Coin to Tim Herring of the U.S. Army (left) and Darren Scott of the U.S. Navy.  They also had a third certificate for veteran Jermaine Sydnor of the U.S. Navy and Army (dual service), but he was away on job interview.

While waiting to make the presentations they noticed this new plaque on the wall …  Huzzah!

PVC Donor Sign

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