Quite an Achievement!

Tony Medal Announcement.001-001

The Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter is pleased to announce that Tony Dothsuk has completed the requirements for the SAR’s “Patriot Grave Marking Medal.”  He is the third chapter Compatriot to reach eligibility for this medal.  In order to qualify, a Compatriot of the SAR must participate in a tangible way in the marking of fifteen Revolutionary War Patriot graves.

Since his induction into the SAR just last April, Tony has personally taken part in the ceremonies marking the graves of eight Patriots.  He has performed labor for seven other Patriot grave markings by personally delivering granite SAR markers for those graves from the manufacturer in Cadiz to the Gov. Isaac Shelby Chapter in the Louisville area.  His delivery of those stones helped save ceremony planners hundreds of dollars in costs and provided beautiful, permanent markers for all seven of the Patriot graves.

Tony’s Patriot Grave Marking Medal Application has been approved by Kentucky Society President Chuck Scott and forwarded on to the National Patriot Grave Marking Committee.  Tony will receive his medal in a special ceremony later this year.

One Response to “Quite an Achievement!”

  1. Man…that is AWESOME. Well done. My hat is off to your chapter & members .

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