New Compatriot! Jack Dawson

Th Col. Stepen Trigg Chapter welcomes yet another new Compatriot, Jack Dawson of Trigg Couty … via Wisconsin.

Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson

Jack and his wife, Dorothy, are natives of the northern lands who spend the warmer months in their native Wisconsin and their winters here at their Lake Barkley home.  Jack is submitting his application this week (he’s had it for a while, but was thoroughly snowed in at his hillside home this past ten days).

Jack descends from James Taffe of the 8th Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line, as well as Morgan’s Rifle Regiment (a rather famous group of rifle sharpshooters).

Please join us in welcoming Jack Dawson to the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter!

One Response to “New Compatriot! Jack Dawson”

  1. Dennis Adams Says:

    Welcome to the Col. Trigg SAR. Glad your were able to spend time in Kentucky and avoid those northern snows!

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