World War II Veteran Honored Today

Compatriot John Humphries decorated a good friend of his today.  He awarded the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter’s Veteran’s Appreciation Medal to Mr. Richard G (Dick) Morgan of Princeton.

Dick Morgan and Compatriot John Humphries

Dick Morgan and Compatriot John Humphries

Richard G. (Dick) Morgan, Sr. was born March 12, 1917 at 607 N. Jefferson Street and graduated from Butler High School in 1935. He joined the U.S. Army Air Corp in February 1942. He was deployed first to Scotland and then boarded a ship for North Africa. Dick was part of the Allied offensive that retook the Kasserine Pass during the Tunisian Campaign. From there he was sent to Italy and was on the Island of Capri in 1944 when Mount Vesuvius erupted.

After spending 28 months in foreign service, he returned to Princeton and become involved in the family businesses. He is a licensed funeral director and served as President of the state Funeral Director’s Association. He has been an active member of the Princeton Rotary Club since 1945. He is married to Charly Anna Lester and they have 6 children. His son, Rick, is the third generation to own and operate Morgan’s Funeral Home. Dick and Charly are members of Central Presbyterian Church where Charly is an active Elder and Lay Minister.

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