Old Hebron Cemetery Triple Grave Marking Today!

Old Hebron Cemetery Color Guard

Old Hebron Cemetery Color Guard

Twenty Compatriots from four chapters in Kentucky and Tennessee took part today in the Patriot Grave Marking Ceremony for Privates John Hunt, John Harper, and David Engler in rural Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  They were joined by about seventy descendants and observers.

Here is a link to our photo album from this fantastic day!

Here is a link to more photos by student photographer Ashelyn Piper.

4 Responses to “Old Hebron Cemetery Triple Grave Marking Today!”

  1. Virginia Enlow Says:

    Is there any way I can get the three biographies from the Old Hebron Ceremony? I love you sight and the pictures. My Grandson belongs to the Hardin County Bucksnort Muzzle loading Club. We’ll looked all over for a shirt pattern, I found it on your sight. YEA!! Thank you for all the good work you do.

  2. Sean Higgins Says:

    Respectfully request the biography of John Harper – my great-great-great-great-great grandfather through my Mother’s side of the family (Nyla Rae Harper Higgins). Thank you.
    Sean Higgins
    Colonel, US Army
    Stuttgart, Germany

  3. Colonel Higgins, send an email to triggpatriots@usa.com so that we might comply with your request. Thanks!

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