Local Artist Donates Knife for Chapter Fundraiser

Allen Coleman, a local custom knife-maker from Cerulean, Kentucky, has donated one of his beautiful custom-made hunting knives for our chapter’s fundraising efforts.

Allen uses all recycled materials to craft beautiful knives … each one of them a unique creation.  He works primarily with deer antlers, leather, bone, wood, and recycled sawmill blades.  In fact, that’s what he calls his little “cottage business,” Sawmill Blade Knives.”  The knife he provided us is actually the 99th knife he has made in his career.  Each knife takes roughly three evenings of work to complete. (Allen works on them at night, when he’s not doing his “real job.”

Allen is pictured below with the knife selected for the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter (we didn’t realize that we caught him with his eyes closed in the picture!  The sun was so bright!).

Allen Coleman and His Custom Knife

Allen Coleman and His Custom Knife

Allen’s knives sell for at least $100 each.  He has provided this knife as a gift to our organization to raise money for our chapter’s “Scholarship Fund.”  In return, he receives some great face-to-face and word-of-mouth advertising at our chapter booth at Ham Festival.

We will raffle this knife during Ham Festival.  Tickets will be $2 each, 3 for $5, or 7 for $10.  The winning ticket will be drawn at 7:00 PM on the Saturday evening of Ham Festival.

Chapter members can begin “advance” ticket sales as soon as you are ready!  Simple collect the cash, get the buyer’s name and telephone number, and we will enter their tickets into the drawing on the first day of HamFest.

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