Pennyroyal Veteran’s Center Visit Today!

Crossroads Fellowship Compatriots have continued to lead the people of the church in collecting items for the Pennyroyal Veteran’s Center. On Friday, September 5, Dennis Adams and Geoff Baggett delivered the items collected the previous month. This included 7 pairs of jeans, 3 t-shirts, 6 sets of briefs, and 42 pairs of socks. In addition, they delivered another $210 that has been donated for the Sons of the American Revolution Scholarship Fund that has been established for center residents.

While visiting the center, they also recognized two veterans who are almost finished with the one-year program with the Veteran’s Appreciation Medal and Certificate. One veteran, Stan Looney, of the United States Marine Corps, was absent because of a personal commitment. However, Dr. Adams had the honor of presenting the medal and certificate to United States Army veteran Todd Smith.  Todd has been an excellent leader and an inspiration to all of the program participants.

Dr. Dennis Adams and U.S. Army Veteran Todd Smith

Dr. Dennis Adams and U.S. Army Veteran Todd Smith

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