New Medal Commissioned!

The Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter is well-known and well-regarded for its recognition of veterans in our community.  Over this past year we have recognized twenty-five veterans with Certificates and copper medallions.  But the men of the chapter have desired a more compelling and more tangible way to recognize those who have served our nation in the military.

The Compatriots of our chapter voted at the August regular meeting to commission a new military-style medal, designed and produced exclusively for our chapter, to replace the previously-used copper medallions.  Artists at the Pin Center, the supplier of medals and memorabilia for the SAR, have designed a very colorful, patriotic medal for our use.  We have placed an order for fifty, and expect delivery within a month to six weeks.

Here is the artist’s rendering of our new medal:

Veteran's Appreciation Medal

Veteran’s Appreciation Medal

Recipients for this medal must be recommended by a Compatriot of the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter.  Please fill out the Veteran’s Appreciation Medal Request Form and submit the form, along with your $10 medal fee, at the next chapter meeting.  Compatriots should included as much information as possible about the veteran’s service, as well as noting any wartime service.  When presenting, Compatriots should also make it a priority to get a photograph of the presentation or the recipient so that we may post the photo and information on our website and in our monthly newsletter.

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