George Washington Birthday Week Events

Next week promises to be a busy week for the Col. Stephen Trigg chapter!  It’s the week of George Washington’s birthday, and we need all compatriots ready to be involved.  Here is a summary of what’s going to happen next week:

  • Sunday – 3:00 PM – Compatriots will meet in front of the Trigg County Elementary School to place the granite marker and plant the cherry tree.  We are expecting beautiful weather!  Shovels are appropriate. 🙂  We will also need a couple of bags of mulch and some black landscaping cloth.
  • Monday – 8:40 AM – Chapter President Geoff Baggett has been invited to the WKDZ studios for an on-air interview about the George Washington’s Birthday holiday and our commemoration event later in the day.
  • Monday – 11:00 AM – Unveiling of the tree and monument and public presentation.   Geoff Baggett will deliver a very brief message about George Washington’s birthday and our very unique commemoration.  We need ALL COMPATRIOTS present for this event!  In uniform would be an awesome bonus!  We also need one Compatriot to provide a wreath to place at the memorial. (We earn extra Americanism points for a wreath placement.)
  • Tuesday – 6:30 PM – We will hold our regular monthly meeting at Crossroads Fellowship.
  • Wednesday – 8:30 AM – We will present the framed portrait of George Washington from the Mt. Vernon Ladies’ Society to Principal Brian Futrell and the history staff at the Trigg County Intermediate School.  Once again, we need ALL COMPATRIOTS present for this event!  Uniforms would be awesome.
  • Friday – Time TBA – Geoff Baggett has been invited to speak to the entire 4th Grade at the Lakeland Elementary School in Lakeland, Tennessee (his sister-in-law, Christy Harrison, is a teacher at this school).  We currently have approximately 100 students participating in the Americanism Poster Project at the school at this time.  Compatriot Baggett will award “Poster Patriot Certificates” to the student who made the best poster in each class, as well as “Certificates of Appreciation” to the participating teachers and principal of the school.

Compatriots, please make attendance at next week’s events on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday a priority in your schedule next week!

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