It’s a Family Affair!

Several weeks ago Travis McCloud talked to his pastor, Compatriot Geoff Baggett, about membership in the SAR.  Travis is originally from the mountains of East Tennessee … way up northeast in Carter County.  His home is the land of the Watauga Association, a very early settlement that declared its independence from Great Britain and later appealed to the fledgling United States for protection.  With the history of the area, the odds were in his favor that we would find a patriot ancestor.

As it turns out, he has several!  We discovered at least four: Michael Hider, Teter Nave, Leonard Bowers, and Edgecomb Suggett.  Any one of them qualify him for membership.

Because of ease of documentation, we are filing on his 4th great-grandfather, Leonard Bowers, who served three years in the 6th Maryland Regiment of the Continental Line and fought in several battles in both northern and southern campaigns.

But Travis is not joining alone!  He has three sons, all currently students, and he decided that membership in the SAR was a legacy that he wanted to give to his boys.  We have just completed location of all necessary documents and are putting the final touches on their applications.  They should be ready to submit all four within the week.

One submission … four new Compatriots for the Col. Stephen Trigg Chapter!  Be sure to shout out a warm welcome to the McCloud men.

(l to r) Travis, Ryan, Connor, and Dallas McCloud

(l to r) Travis, Ryan, Connor, and Dallas McCloud

One Response to “It’s a Family Affair!”

  1. Proud of our son-in-law, Travis, and his family legacy passed down to our three wonderful grandsons.

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