Jas. Townsend & Son Catalogs Are In!

Compatriot Geoff Baggett recently wrote to Jas. Towsend & Sons, Inc., one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of colonial clothing and accouterments, to inquire if they would send several catalogs for our chapter.  Well, an entire box has arrived!  They will be presented to all compatriots at the Annual Dinner on Tuesday, January 21.

Here is just a sample of some of the clothing items they offer!

Jas Townsend Sample

2 Responses to “Jas. Townsend & Son Catalogs Are In!”

  1. George Glenn Says:

    Do you have a catalog that contains your uniforms? If so, I would like one. My email is: sglenn@pa.net. You can send a catalog to the following address: George Glenn 130 Wenschhof Road, Fairfield, PA 17320-9252. Thanks.

    • George, our men get their uniform from various places. Many order from James Townsend. Others get patterns and have their made locally. “At History’s Door” is another excellent, affordable source. Check out our links for some great vendors.

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