Homemade Accessories For Your Uniform

Compatriots working to assemble an authentic Militia Uniform, before they even realize, can find themselves with rapidly mounting expenses as they seek authenticity in their presentation.  Many of the items available from online sutlers can be a bit pricey.  But an authentic look does not require purchased items.

Consider these items, hand-made by Compatriot Geoff Baggett.  They are a leather blanket-bag, and a small leather haversack.

Leather Bags

They were made with salvaged leather from a damaged leather jacket.  The blanket bag (which contains a rolled wool camp blanket) is simply both sleeves from the jacket, joined at the center.  One end is sewn shut, the other end has a leather draw-string.  A small leather shoulder-strap finished the piece.  The haversack was made with the large piece of leather from the back of the jacket and the strap from small leftover pieces of leather.  The buttons are actual period brass flat buttons (18th and early 19th century) dug while metal detecting.

The entire project took several hours of time and a little creativity, but no actual monetary expense.  Plus, it made excellent “recycled” use of and old clothing item.

Compatriots, winter is a great time for these kinds of projects!  Take advantage of a few “snow days” and spice up your Revolutionary War uniform!

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